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Safestep Rubber Horse Flooring – Our solution to rubber horse pavers           “The Best Equestrian Safety Surface Available”

Unlike poor imitations our highly developed and thoroughly proven solution to rubber horse pavers will offer any equestrian yard, racecourse or equine facility years of anti-slip protection.


  • Safestep rubber horse flooring provides an aesthetically pleasing one-piece anti-slip surface that will not move or shift like conventional rubber horse pavers.


  • The unique equestrian wetpour system provides a tailor fitted and free draining solution to conventional rubber tiles and all other formats of equine flooring.


  • Even in the wettest conditions, this fully bonded anti-slip surface will provide high levels of grip and stability. Our versatile system can be installed to almost any area of slippery concrete or tarmac.


  • Unlike previous generation rubber horse pavers Safestep does not require the added cost of extensive groundworks.


Standard features of Safestep:


Anti-slip Surface

Constant sure footing is essential in any equine environment. Safestep flooring provides an anti-slip surface in all weather conditions.



Safestep provides protection for horses joints, tendons and shoes with its unique cushioning shock pad layer.



Our flooring systems are extremely durable as well as aesthetically pleasing, they will not shift, crumble or curl up over time.


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Safestep’s Added Features

With its range of colours, Safestep can be installed using interesting and unique designs to suit any racecourse or yard facility. Other options are integrated company logos and solar lighting should you wish for that added touch.

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Safestep Video the Professionals Choice Anti-slip Equestrian Flooring


Establishments using our systems:

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