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Stable Turf – The next generation of Liquid Rubber Horse Flooring that combines every feature you would ever want from stable matting into one ultimate solution.

Standard features of Stable-Turf:


Anti-slip Surface






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About Stable-Turf

• The Stable-Turf wet-pour process fits to any shape or level stable and is fully sealed with no seams or joins.

Unlike standard liquid rubber horse flooring Stable-Turf offers a unique three-layered anti-slip system with in-built shock pad and durable protective coating. Stable-turf cushions your horse’s joints, increases safety and provides improved comfort when resting.

• Stable-Turf is bonded to the floor and sealed from wall-to-wall. This unique feature creates a more hygienic and easier to clean living environment with mucking out times reduced by up to 40%.

• The savings in bedding, labour and waste costs can be dramatic compared to using standard stable mats. If your paying shop prices for bedding the Stable-Turf flooring system could pay for itself in less than 24 months.


 Stable Mats    V    Stable-Turf

Cons for standard stable mats:

1. Standard stable matting is not generally sealed from wall to wall; this essentially creates an unhygienic environment beneath which can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

2. Stable mats can also react to fluctuations in climatic temperatures; this can cause shrinkage and expansion; which often leads to curled edges/trip hazards.

3. Due to common undulations in concrete not all stable mats can be bonded or sealed to the floor, again allowing general waste to filter beneath them.

4. In order to be cleaned effectively standard stable matting needs to be removed; this time consuming and messy job can be particularly difficult with heavier stable mats. 

Standard features of Stable-Turf:

1. Stable-turf is a  one-piece horse flooring system with no seams or joins that can be installed to many different applications, making this unique surface more hygienic and easier to clean.

2. The cushioned shock pad layer replicates natural pastures and provides protection for your horse’s joints and tendons.

3. Stable-Turf can be installed with added drainage falls, this feature can prevent urine and fluid build up, especially when washing out.

4. Our system requires up to 40% less bedding, reducing mucking out time and those forever growing waste piles.

5. The durable, anti-slip Stable-Turf surface has a life expectancy of up to 12 years.


Establishments already benefiting from Stablesoft’s systems:

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