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Stablesoft’s Wallsoft system provides insulation for your stable and prevents concussion to your horse’s with it’s secure, cushioned finish.

Standard features of Stablesoft’s Wallsoft:


15 Year Warranty

Wallsoft is offered with a 15 Year Warranty. It’s sturdy design remains aesthetically pleasing and will not shift or move over time.



Wallsoft is designed to absorb the impact of a horse’s kick, preventing damage to their bones, tendons and muscles with the added benefit of increasing the life of your stable walls.



Wallsoft’s sturdy construction consists of a 45mm shock pad and Vulca-tec protective top cover, all held in place by heavy duty sealing strips and countersunk screws.


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Reasons to choose Satblesoft’s Wallsoft:

Concussion Protection

Anesthetized horses are prone to injury from a fall or collision. Our Wallsoft system can absorb the impact of a horse’s swinging head or kick, preventing concussion, bone and tendon damage.

Safe and Secure

Our Wallsoft system is easy to clean and disinfect, a perfect solution for veterinary recovery stables or foaling stalls. Unlike conventional wall matting Wallsoft cannot be torn down through repeated collision.


With the Wallsoft’s cushioning layer and rubber top coat it provides great insulation for your stable in colder conditions. Providing comfort for your horse and helpig towards lengthening the life of your stable walls.


Establishments already benefiting from Stablesoft’s surfaces:

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