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Stablesoft provide solutions to walker stable mats and rubber horse pavers

As the leading experts in equestrian flooring systems, we have developed our safety surfaces to provide any equestrian premises alternatives to problematic stable mats and standard rubber horse flooring.

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Standard features of our equestrian safety surfaces:


Anti-slip Surface






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Establishments already benefiting from our surfaces:

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How to Save Money With the next generation of Stable Matting and Rubber Horse Pavers:

It’s always easy to see new products for your stables as a potential waste of money, but the right flooring systems can actually save you money and start paying for themselves straight away. This is true for the right stable mats and horse flooring in general.

The wellbeing and comfort of your horses is the most important thing to you. Whether you own your own horses or you’re providing livery services for others, providing a secure and clean environment within the stables is usually paramount. Stable mats have been available for some time, but advances in technology mean there are now fantastic alternatives available that bring real benefits for you and your horses:

Installation – in-house professional installers carry out the fitting process of our unique horse flooring systems so you can rest assured they are installed to only the highest standards.

Easy to clean – mucking and cleaning out can be a tough/dirty job with conventional stable matting. With our flooring systems mucking out time can be decreased significantly, due to the fully sealed and fully bonded nature of our systems it is an altogether easier job.

Hygienic – designed to reduce bacteria and infection, our alternative sealed stable matting systems are excellent for keeping your horses healthy.




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